Global Logistics

AIONCO customers have access to a network of experienced supply chain experts ready to assist with all international freight movement including IATA [International Air Transport Association] licensed airfreight forwarding. Through close working relationships with licensed customs brokers and air and sea carriers, our customers leverage a complete range of international supply chain management & logistics solutions including:

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Global Freight Forwarding and Documentation

• International import and export coordination
• Cargo transport Insurance
• Air, Sea, and Surface transportation
• Consolidation and deconsolidation
• Consular documentation and legalization
• Letter of credit preparation and presentation services

Customs Brokerage

Working with your own broker, or with our established national network, we can ensure that your cargo moves quickly through KOREA customs to its destination. Customs services include:

• Compliance Management & Consulting
• Complete International Documentation and Presentation
• Online Customs Filing and Management Reporting
• Specialized Compliance Services and Consulting
• Pre-Clearance
• Import Surety Bond
• Remote Location Filing