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Subject ‘Amazon’ in USA, ‘AIO&CO’ in Asia
Date 2017-07-10

 'Amazon.com' currently offers a logistics service called ‘Fulfilment by Amazon·FBA’ to the merchants in online stores.

This is a service that provides logistics processes from stock management to packaging and delivery.

 In Korea, some start-ups are also challenging the market.

AIO&CO KOREA is the very company that provides logistics comprehensive solution for K-beauty goods and ‘Last Mile’(A delivery services at the end-user such as exchanges, returns, and so forth).

AIO&CO increased the scale of product sourcing more than 1,000 items of diverse K-beauty brands through AFS(AIONCO Fulfillment Service), and the work process will be taken within 5 days unlike other CBT e-commerce companies.

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